Bereavement Resources


MISS Foundation -

On-going monthly support groups

Online forum boards

Research, Advocacy, Legislation

Kindness Project

Compassionate Bereavement Care Training

Selah House Carefarm and Respite Center

The Center for Loss and Trauma -

Mindfulness based ways to cope with the effects of traumatic loss

Grieving Dads

Online support network and blog from a bereaved father’s perspective

The Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families - 

Support for children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death, with lots of information and resources.

First Candle - 

Reducing rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and stillbirths through education and research. At “Bereavement” tab click “Surviving the Sudden Death of a Baby” and “Coping with Grief” to download pdfs on “Parents and the Grieving Process” and “For Fathers.” Spanish information too.

Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB) - 

Support for the death of one or more twins, or higher multiple birth children, at any time from conception through birth, infancy and early childhood.

Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) - 

Stories, on-line magazine, and private PALS moderated Facebook groups for women experiencing the mix of grief and joy of pregnancy after loss.

Still Standing

Online magazine about life after pregnancy loss, infant death, and infertility

Graham's Foundation -

 Family support for premature babies - during the NICU or after the death of a premature multiple

Fred Rogers Company -

Practical advice on how to talk to children about death- questions to ask, how to explain, and how to remember together. 

A Bed for My Heart - 

Gentle and supportive information, blog and book

A Heartbreaking Choice - 

Unconditional support for women who have terminated a much wanted pregnancy due to a poor prenatal diagnosis, a severe or terminal fetal anomaly, a selective reduction, or for the health of the mother. Also has info on many medical conditions.


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Free professional photographers and photo retouching for bereaved families after the death of a baby 

Cuddle Cot Campaign - 

Giving families choices and more time together, with a small in-room cooling unit placed inside a crib or basket, to preserve a baby’s body and give parents more time to say goodbye. Every moment spent is a precious gift of time and love.

My Forever Child

Personalized bereavement jewelry

Baby Angel Pics 

Free photo retouching for babies who are stillborn or die shortly after birth

Portraits by Dana -

Artist uses babies’ photos, with on-going input from the parents, to hand-draw very beautiful pencil portraits to honor and remember missing babies.